Arizona Desert Bridal Inspiration Shoot | The Wildflower AZ & Elizabeth Dye Wedding Dresses

With the help of an amazing dressmaker and florist, I was able to put together this inspiration shoot in the desert, just outside of Phoenix . The scenery we found about 45 minutes outside of the city was stunning. The warm light and great sunset that evening was great to photograph. Take a look at my favorite pictures below!

Florist - The Wildwlower AZ

Dress - Dune Gown by Elizabeth Dye

Model - Solange Marie of Ford RBA Models

Best Flash for Sony A7iii

Godox TT350S review by Denver wedding photographer Nick Sparks. 

I don’t use much flash these days, but the Godox TT350S is by far my favorite flash for the Sony system. Whether you are shooting an a7 iii, a7riii, or a9–this flash is awesome! Heres why. 

Great TTL

TTL (automatic setting) is essential if you are working events. People move back and forth too quickly to make manual adjustments based on how far away they are from the flash.  I had a bad time using ETTL/TLL functions on certain 3rd party flash systems before I found the Godox TT350S. Pictures would come out under or over exposed frequently. The TT350S hits a nice middle exposure with ease, which is my preferred flash exposure. I can always batch process my photos in Lightroom to make them a little brighter if I want. The important thing is that they are all in the same exposure range. 


The wireless transmission of this flash comes in handy if you want to use one (or two) off camera. The TT350S allows for slave/master function, and you can even turn off the flash function of the one on camera. The features are relatively easy to navigate too. 

Two Batteries

It’s really nice that this flash only uses two batteries. My wedding photography kit is a little smaller, since I don’t have to haul around quite so many extra AA’s. 


This flash is about half the weight as a regular sized flash. Of course, it means that it has less power, but I haven’t found it to be an issue with the great high ISO performance of the Sony iii series cameras. You can boost your ISO instead of turning your flash up–it usually makes for better pictures anyway. Having a lightweight flash on a mirrorless camera is really nice, because if you start adding big accessories it starts to feel like you are shooting a DSLR again. 

Well, this was a little bit of a short one, but all these things I mentioned are what matters to me most in a flash system in 2019! 

I think I had a little too much fun this wedding season using the Godox TT350S at receptions. 

Here’s to making receptions a little easier to work with a cheap, lightweight, reliable flash! 

Authored by Denver wedding photographer Nick Sparks | ig: | weddings: