I naturally fell into landscape photography when I first picked up a camera. Almost every weekend I'd drive to my next adventure with my camera in hand. In fact, my adventures had gone as far as Iceland. Some of my favorite landscape photos were taken when I looped around the southern region on Route 1.

Although I loved taking landscape pictures, once I began to fill my photography with people, portraiture became my new love. After acquiring a passion for portraits, I helped a friend shoot a wedding and realized that weddings are one of the most important stories in anyone’s life. Now—many years later—my photography has taken me all sorts of places where I've witnessed beautiful moments that I never would have seen otherwise. Sometimes these moments I document are quiet elopements in the woods. Other times, they are big parties in the city.

Photography is my main passion, but I also enjoy adventuring outside, exploring new places, researching anything health/art/science related and my Toy Australian Sheperd Bandit.

That's me, Nick. I would be honored to create pieces of art for your wedding. If you want to follow more of my adventures, check out the wedding blog and my Instagram feed.