I am constantly intrigued by the artistic expression of my medium. Photography has taken me all sorts of places and I've seen many beautiful moments that I never would have seen otherwise, which is one of my favorite parts about being a photographer! 

Everything I do turns into some sort of photography outing. For example, I went to Iceland and canceled my Blue Lagoon relaxation day to loop around the south coast in my rental car. I spent that whole day shooting photos rather than soaking in a heated lagoon.

I guess you can say that photography is my main passion but I also enjoy entrepreneurship and my dog Bandit. Those somehow turn into photo shoots too though!


My Toy Australian Shepard gives my photography five stars, but I recommend my facebook page reviews or a quick google search if you prefer to hear it from other humans. I have never solicited reviews or given away gifts in exchange for them. Any review you see online is 100% genuine. 

If you want to follow more of my adventures, check out the wedding blog, my Instagram feed, and my other photography website.