Hello, I'm Nick.

I grew up in the foothills of Denver and spent much of my time outside. It was natural that I fell into landscape photography when I first picked up a camera. Almost every weekend I'd drive to my next adventure with my camera in hand.

Once I began to fill my photography with people, portraiture became my new love. I helped a friend shoot a wedding and realized that weddings are one of the most important stories in anyone’s life. They are more than just a celebration.

Weddings are a series of moments, big and small, that weave the ultimate story. It's my job to help reveal the love and commitment you both share, and the whole multitude of emotions felt throughout the day. From the understated to the boisterous, from the surprising to the intimate. I love capturing it all, whether it's a quiet elopement in the woods or a big party in the city.

Highly rated and recommended on facebook and google reviews.

Over 130 weddings photographed. 

10 years ago, I developed my first roll of Kodak Tri-X. It's been an ongoing adventure ever since. 

Below is my toy Australian shepherd named Bandit. This picture also hangs in my home as a gigantic 30"x30" print, so I figured I needed a place to put it on my website too. This seemed like a good place.

If you would like to follow more of my adventures, check out the wedding blog and my Instagram feed.