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I've compiled a list of some of the most asked questions, but please don't let that keep you from asking any specific questions you have. Feel free to get in contact with me here.

What are your rates?

My eight hour wedding package is $2,800 and I offer options for couples who need more or less coverage too. All travel within Colorado is complementary. If my work resonates with you, simply fill out my contact form for a full pricing sheet. I also offer elopement coverage that starts at three hours. 

Do you provide high resolution digital files?

Yes. High Resolution digital files are included in every wedding and elopement package as standard. I want every couple to have their wedding in it's digital form to keep forever. The files are provided in high quality JPEG form.

We're really interested in an album. Do you offer them?

Absolutely! Each one of my albums is artfully and uniquely designed and features your favorite images from your wedding day. Just like my photos, my albums remain unbranded—watermark free and free of logos. I strive to make photos that are special enough for people to ask who took them. There's nothing quite like holding something tangible and seeing the story in print.

Can we meet up and have a chat?

I'm happy to grab a coffee and chat about your wedding in more detail. If you're simply too far away for this to be practical, a chat from the computer or old fashioned phone call are the next best things.

How long does it take to get our photos back?

Deliveries take 4 weeks! 

What information do you need from me? 

I really like to know what makes your wedding unique! Any special details that come up while you’re planning are great for me to know. I always give this example: Sally had spent a little bit of extra time planning certain parts of her wedding. The groom and best man were both cyclists, so they wore coordinated bicycle ties. Another special detail that was great to know about was that her center pieces were accented with pieces of wood from her grandfather’s old barn. With this extra knowledge, I knew to spend a little bit of extra time focusing on tie details and to photograph the textures of the wood with a macro lens. 

Formal family photos?

Family photos are some of the most important images of the day. I want you to look at them and be able to reflect on the connections and past experiences. 

What equipment do you use?

I use professional full-frame cameras to get you the best quality photos. For you camera nerds out there, I use all prime lenses for their ability to shoot wide open and create that little extra bit of magic. 

How do I reserve service?

A signed e-contract and deposit that goes towards the final balance is required to reserve my service.

What about payments? 

After you have paid the deposit and signed the contract, I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance.... Don’t worry! It’s not due then. The final payment is due on or before the day of your wedding. My invoicing system will send you an automatic payment reminder in the days leading up to the wedding for convenience. You can also make partial payments at any point. I take all major credit cards, checks, and cash. 

Do you have insurance? Backup gear? 

Oh yes. All my gear is insured and I have on-location business liability insurance too. I have a minimum of two cameras strapped to me at all times during a wedding and too many lenses to count!