I grew up in the foothills of Denver and spent much of my time outside, but was always reading at home. I loved reading stories and as I got older I realized that I wanted to do the telling. My name is Nick Sparks and photography is the medium I use to tell your story. 

I naturally fell into landscape photography when I first picked up a camera. Almost every weekend I'd drive to my next adventure with my camera in hand. 

Once I began to fill my photography with people, portraiture became my new love. I helped a friend shoot a wedding and realized that weddings are one of the most important stories in anyone’s life. They are more than just a celebration.

Weddings are a series of moments, big and small, that weave the ultimate story. It's my job to help reveal the love and commitment you both share, and the whole multitude of emotions felt throughout the day. From the understated to the boisterous, from the surprising to the intimate, I love capturing it all.

Nick Sparks Weddings

  • Whether the image is candid or posed, my goal is to have my imagery speak the truth of the moment, and help transport you back to the day it was taken. 
  • I operate my business with integrity and transparency. I maintain open communication lines and am always quick to respond.
  • And I have a cute miniature Australian Shepherd, Bandit.

If you want to follow my adventures, check out the blogInstagram, and my portrait photography website.