This is me, Nick. The image above was taken after waking up at 4am in Denver and ending up in Joshua tree at 2pm. I think it says a lot about me. I can be a bit spontaneous. And judging by my expression, you would think that I am looking off into the distance and contemplating life. Well, that is mostly true. I think that photos can say a lot about the human condition, and I am constantly intrigued by the artistic expression of my medium. Photography has taken me all sorts of places that I never would have seen otherwise – I love that about my profession.

To me, capturing weddings is not dissimilar from piecing together a story. They are filled with small moments that would otherwise be forgotten. There are moments that look and feel extravagant like the first kiss, or bride and groom portraits. After everything is done, I go home to piece everything together to bring out the story, emotion, and uniqueness.

This is my toy Australian Shepard Bandit. I take slightly out of focus pictures of him almost daily with a (just barely working) film camera from the 1970's.

When I am not photographing weddings, I am generally being a camera nerd 🤓.

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